Cooking Classes

Our cooking class sessions are designed to promote unity among your team, workgroup or family...

Preparing a meal together works wonders to boost team spirit and foster productivity.

During our hands-on cooking classes, participants not only learn cooking and team-building techniques using the highest-quality kitchen equipment, but as a final reward for their achievement, they also enjoy their Epicurean masterpieces at the end of the session.

The way we run team functions is as follows: Upon arrival a welcome drink will be served. Everyone will be invited into the Kitchen after receiving their Chef’s hats and the aprons we utilize for the event. (Personalized corporate aprons for each attendee may be purchased, this makes for a lovely gift).

Everyone cooks in pairs or groups. We give an explanation of what we will be cooking and how the event will run and some tips. Our team will go around and assist everyone throughout the event. The entire cooking class is approximately two to two and a half hours and every pair or group makes different recipes. Once you have completed the cooking you get to sit down and enjoy the fruits of all of your hard work in a relaxed atmosphere.


ZAR 585 per person including a welcome drink, ingredients, private chef, private waiter, apron, Chef’s hat, and recipes. Minimum ZAR 3500. Drinks can be ordered from our drinks menu and wine list. Additional wine tasting/wine and dine @ ZAR 150 per person. 


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