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Connie is an award-winning chef who worked in Switzerland's finest restaurants. 2 years ago, she followed her passion to start her very own restaurant. Together with her family, she moved to South Africa to open up the Coast's first fusion food kitchen.

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From his career in wine buying for Switzerland's most precious department store "GLOBUS" Daniel has developed his deep passion for South African wine. Daniel graduated the renown Zurich Hotel Management School "Belvoirpark" and turned his passion into his profession: His own restaurant at South Africa's beautiful South Coast

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Sam is an award-winning hospitality professional who graduated the renown Zurich Hotel Management School "Belvoirpark" and worked in Switzerland's best hotels. After managing a small boutique hotel in the Alps, he decided to start his own business with his loved ones in South Africa.

The Team

Meet the Team

The Packshed is owned and managed by four young Swiss entrepreneurs together with the Executive Chef Brandon Bisset. The five of them share a professional vision of creating a place of freshness, honesty, love and sustainability.

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With over 30 years of experience in different positions in hospitality Lincoln can read your wishes from the lips. As the front of house manager he ensures that every guest receives a warm welcome and that the service runs smoothly every single day.

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Mario is the mastermind behind sustainable innovation at THE PACKSHED. He is the brain behind the complex aquaponic system which will deliver organic and sustainably grown fruit, herbs and vegetables our restaurant from our very own garden.

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Executive Chef Brandon combines his predilection to the Asian cuisine, with the love of African food and the admiration of the European cuisine. With his vast knowledge and years of experience he creates The Packshed's artisanal tastes of simplicity.